Monday, June 8, 2015

On Abortions....

"What is on my mind?" Facebook just asked. Well, I just read an article in the daily monitor. (Here) about how the government of Uganda has issued new guidelines for abortion. It is still illegal BUT you can now have access to post-abortion care. In other words, go to a shoddy doctor to carry out the procedure but run quickly to professional medical worker in a competent health facility so that your life/ uterus might be saved. See 1500 women lose their lives daily as a result of unsafe abortions. One thousand five hundred women! Let your mind ruminate on that number. Alarming, isn't it?!

This article reminds me of a time when I was pregnant, doing my daily walk to the taxi park when I was accosted by a young, pregnant and evidently highly confused young girl. She was wondering what she was going to do with her baby. My advice was inept of course, I didn't have the maturity I have now then. But now, I wonder what led her to pick me. Was it because I looked like her? Young and inexperienced. Was it because of the joy that evidently emanated from how I carried my bump in-spite of my circumstances(no wedding ring); loud and proud. I will never know. I hope to this day that she kept her baby.

And like a friend of my recently said; carry that baby like you are carrying the world's most precious diamond. Because you are. And never know who might be watching and which precious baby you just might save. That is what is on my mind.

Very preggo and very happy with self.

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