Monday, August 2, 2010

A la Interview..deux!

Hey dolls,

I have an interview today, scared shit less! At the moment, I really can't regurgitate anything sensible so just decide to write you a manual. IT Barbie's guide to preparing for interviews. Here goes;

1. Read, read and read and then some more. No use going for the damn thing if you don't know anything.
2. Make sure you know the place the interview is going to be carried out. If you get lost prior to getting there, this will just throw you off hence fail.
3. Dress up. And don't take this lightly this is the deal least for me. Don't be tacky. Don't be flashy. Be classy.
3(b) It never hurt to wear good lingerie(underwear for men). This is your shield people! So you can have a smug look when anyone looks at you cause you're thinking.."am effing hot from head to toe."
4.Comb your hair. Tres tres importante. Hair says alot about you(Don't go believing that India Arie crap..she only sang that to sell records. She didn't really mean it!)
5. The most important one of all. Act as if you already have the job. Ever heard of fake it till you make it. This is it right here.
Wish me luck dolls,

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  1. And where possible, veer slightly away from the answers from the net: give them your own twist. Hey, please open up your comments to non-conventional blogging platforms