Friday, February 26, 2010


Hi dolls,
Am super excited!!!! Just got called by a telco in town for an interview!!! Cool beans,huh?! It's for a really cool post,So to imagine that i was just experimenting is incredibly funny. I applied for it to see how far the little experince i have, could get me. I waited for about a week and when noone had called me,i gave up on it entirely. And today while am at work(amazingly enough, i work at a telco already) I get called to go for an interview. Am going to do abit of reading up and then go. Interview's tommorrow at 10.00am(wonder what i'll wear!!).
My job at the moment is nice enough though and I have no thoughts about leaving it unless am given an earth shattering offer(lets not get too ahead of ourselves here!!) but it will be nice to see what else is out there.
So dolls, keep your fingers(and your tiny weeny toes!!)crossed for me!!!