Thursday, February 25, 2010

Washing your man's underwear!!!!

Hi dolls,
Me and my girls are having an argument about how far you can go with submissiveness. The bar has beeen placed at washing your man's underwear(man being someone you are having a seriously committed relationship with..not a fuck buddy!) So far, the traditionalists are saying that you have to do whatever it takes to keep your man including doing odd things such as kneeling,washing underwear,saying thank you for sex...e.t.c
The modern independent girls are saying no way hose...never in their right minds would they bend so low for any man and if he even dared to ask for such things...then he can go cheat for all they care ( God riddance to bad rubbish anyway!!).
Me, I dont know..I think their is a level of bending low i can go to..but not to keep you..just to show my dedication and love for you. But washing underwear...Hell NO!!!!!

What say you dolls??


  1. I guess its only the barbies' views that are welcome to this post.

    Off to check out some of your older posts.

    Nice blog you got here.

  2. @Jiny23...hi not true!! All views are soo welcome( just try and not be too obscene or derogatory, my mother sometimes checks me i wouldnt want to scare her away)...otherwise...loving the love doll...shall try and keep you entertained.