Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Fashion baby-Stella Atal.

Hi dolls.
I just wanted to share one of my favorite pieces from one of my favourite fashionistas with you and would love to hear what you all think.

I personally love all of her pieces because I would actually wear every single one which is important, but I think this khaki and white hand-painted cotton dress is probably my #1 fav.

I love the fact that the dress is basic and simple but then it has that fun, edgy and sexy look to it! And, I'd die for that cow horn and porcupine necklace.You can check out more of her stuff here.

Personally, I own just a skirt from her collection which was given to me by a model friend of mine(Annet,luv you doll!). But I'd love to get more of her stuff.

Stella, if you ever read this. I just can't wait for you to open your own store. I think your stuff is phenomenal and you are a phenomenal woman.
Keep on being FIERCE!!!


  1. hehehe.thanks to me you have one of her thingys

  2. yes love...a skirt i hold dear to my heart(or rather..to my loins!) he he..