Monday, October 18, 2010


Ola dolls,

I hate keeping up with the kardashians....I really do. Really,really do! Reason(s) ...oh yes, reasons but am only sharing one. They are filthy,attention whores(Yes,am talking to you Khloe K...flashing us viewers for no reason at all!) The other reasons , I wont share because I have a reputation to uphold,I aint a hater! But nonetheless I have managed to watch countless episodes. I think of them as those greasy jam doughnuts from Nandos I like eating. I hate myself for eating them but I can't stop after one bite.

Anyhow, the point of this post is not to share my hate or hate on the Kardashian clan but rather to love on one of them,oh ok...that's pushing it. To love on one family member's clothes. So much so, she turning into a fashion icon of sorts for me. For some reason kim K does not have the word bad fashion day in in the woman has simply refused to look bad. So since yours truly is now borrowing style tips from the aforementioned woman, am going share them with you. I love this dress that she wore to bowl. Am looking for something of the sort to wear to my graduation! The disparities in economies makes me want to cry..what I want to wear to a momentous occasion in my life, she wears to bowl! Hate her!
I die for those Louboutin pumps.