Thursday, May 20, 2010

Guess who's back?!

Hi dolls,
My brief sojourn into extreme reading that led to my brief abandonment of you ,my loves has ended(Mercifully!) I am now in that awkward phase between college and the real life(whatever that is).
A lot is going at the moment(am a fire starter, baby). Firstly,am trying to decide which direction my life is going to take and it is not easy. I have a lot of ideas storming my head on a regular and it is becoming to hard to figure out which is reasonable,uber cool or down right unreasonable. All I know is the thought of not reading for an exam for at least a year has got me on an endomorphin high!

On the down side, I have just been made to realize that life can be tough in this dirt poor but virginal and full of promise country. Salary is not enough to even get by. Most of the people I thought had it all are apparently living their "african dream" on loans. A very scary thought. But am happy I have realized this early enough. My inner hustler has been reborn and re-baptized..back with a vengeance!