Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Hey Dolls,

One of my missions last year was to ensure that I gave back to the community. I was to give 10% of my earnings to a project or a a special person to lift them up, help them out of a financial quagmire, anything as long as I felt it made a difference in someone's life. I managed to do this for only 2 months before I got caught up in the whirlwind of life as a mom, employee, employer, businesswoman e.t.c.

To make up for that, J and L(not sure if they want their names in cyberspace) with whom I co-own The Baby Store gave back 10% of our earnings for the 6 months duration we had been open to a baby's reception center here in Kampala. We celebrated L's birthday at the center. The feeling of loss and hopelessness in the center will never leave me. What can make a mother abandon her child? I will never comprehend this but I am determined to do something about it.

So this year, J,L and I are setting up an project called Ajali which is the Swahili word for Destiny. It will run an incubation program for SME's set up by women based on the TBS(The Baby Store) model. The initiative is meant to provide capacity building, technical assistance, financial support, mentoring and business guidance as well as invest in a woman-led profit venture. But it's not for free. We're doing this in exchange for equity in the venture and a board seat.
We are seeking out high-potential, low income women to support to start their own businesses so that they can become financially self sufficient.We already have one lady we are working with. The future is amazingly bright for her. More on her in another post.

As Africa continues to rise, so do African women. With the upward economic, social and political trajectory of the continent, a new breed of African women continues to emerge. And we realize that we need to stop complaining about the people who run our nations, put our money where our mouth are, and support these Ugandan Women.

"I don't want to be rich in a land of poverty."  Think about that quote. AND DO SOMETHING!


Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Read this article.

Hello dolls,

This article ; .It will make you think.

Excellent comment;
Branding verb-age has become a way of American culture and has directly linked itself to the english language.  We don't say things like "please get me a disposable diaper", instead we run and get a "Pamper" or we no longer do computer research, instead we "Google"  talk about branding at its finest hour!   
Simply put, find your niche and market the hell out of product line and yourself.
Google being pretty much the ONLY search engine companies and consumers use today,  unless your willing to pay the "Master-Goog", for expensive marketing via engine optimization packages even the best and brightest ideas and talents companies remain unnoticed. 
Branding, personal target marketing approach, educating the consumer with good information, personalized mass media campaigns-only way to go!


Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Shoe frenzy for the moment.

Hey dolls,

I can't get over these pointed court pumps. I am purchasing several pairs in a few days. I can't wait to show you my finds.

After being shunned for seasons in favor of the platform court, the pointed court is back as the chic shoe accompaniment to the sophisticated dresses, skirts and jeans. The pointed-toe fashion trend is one of the many proofs that it's time to bring the glamour puss out of ourselves and what goes better with the deeply coloured pencil skirts that are showing up everywhere than a sophisticated sky-high pointy toe pump. The heel of the pointed court helps define the curves of your leg and teamed with a pencil skirt, you’ll exude an air of sophistication.

Patent leather is no longer your only choice. With a very feminine feel, these shoes are available in several versions ranging from simple, minimalist ones to colour block styles and metallics. They can easily be paired up with tapered trousers and evening dresses, but best of all; they make legs look longer and skinnier no matter what you decide to wear. Those of you eager to stuff your wardrobe with the most stylish footwear for the upcoming season should definitely dive for the old-time pointed-toe shoes from the bottom of the wardrobe first. Make no mistake; pointed courts are the shoes that will separate the women from the girls this year.



Good morning dolls,

Hope are well rested from the holidays but most importantly well loved. I had an amazing 2012 and am excited about all the possibilities of 2013. Unfortunately, I was a horrible blogger. That will change this year. I know I have said this so many times I have lost count.*hides face in shame*  But (strong BUT), this shall be an area to improve upon this year.

Have a beautiful passion filled new year People.