Sunday, March 4, 2012

8 Months Baby!!!!

Hey dolls,

First post of the month. Happy happy March. It's a pretty special month for me cause 2 people I love dearly were born in this month. First, my sister from another mother, Lillian. She went bungee jumping to celebrate growing older. Pictures when my camera behaves. Second, my soul and everything in between baby-daddy. Most likely this will go unnoticed cause he believes celebrating birthday's is fickle. In the main good news, my BABY turns 8 months today at 12.30pm. I can't believe it's 8 months already. Time really does fly. And she gets prettier, funnier and of course bigger each day. I am truly truly amazed by the love that overflows out of my heart. I am more amazed at the woman I have become. Her nanny took a few days off and I failed to find someone to babysit for me. I worked the night shift and took care of her during the day. Though my nerves were left raw and every cell in my brain seemed to be on fire from sleep deprivation, I could not be any happier spending all that time with baby. I truly envy stay at home mums now.

Happy week people.