Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Hi dolls,

Just broke (why do they say broke..sounds so physical! But I guess it is a physical activity) my virginity quite recently(or not depending on how you look at it, been almost a year now). So I was looking for a website(which funny enough is the reason for this post) which can help other virgins break(for lack of a better word) their own virginity. Now I know all y'all are scampering throught the words(Pervs!) trying to get to the juicy bits.
Well, my first time was not easy at all. I frankly did not know what I was doing and my hands were all over the place but I had a good guide. She eased me into the whole process! Unfortunately,I know people like her are rare so here's a website to help all ye virgins out there.

Go figure!


  1. Who are you??!!!! Exactly?
    Hilarous post!! I'm posting sth on my cougar travails soon.

  2. I'm still a Linux virgin - we've flirted, even made out real dirty wsometimes, but we have never crossed that line of no return. So I'm pretty much still Windows' "bitch". Cant live with her, cant live without her !!

  3. @Spartakuss..thanks doll.
    @Wendal..glad to see you're still having an affair with linux! A dirty dirty affair that am quite enjoying but am still with windows(Hope Bill doesn't find out though). I hate that am soon going to be forced to decide between the 2. it will be terribly heart breaking. In other news. am starting a dangerous flirtation with MAC OS!(Gasp! am a bad girl) am hoping it ends at that but given my track record,we'll see how that ends.
    Anyone but me thinking of a threesome?!

  4. Haha. Am not a perv but the thought came in!!!!!!!!! Am still a linux virgin though. Still stuck to windows.