Sunday, February 28, 2010

Progress Report..Numero Uno

Hi dolls,
Since this is essentially a blog about my progress in my IT career,I will give a report occassionally about my progress IT wise. This way i can be forced to actually do stuff to improve.
Attending the LUG meeting actually motivated me to start using Linux and since then I have downloaded an Image of Karmic Koala(Latest stable version of Ubuntu)to burn and install on my baby(aka my laptop) But am still debating on wether to install virtual machine instead and run Linux on one of the virtual machines. This way i kill birds with one stone;I learn Linux and get familiar with Virtualization.
Oh well, that will be decided upon soon as i have to have Linux on my baby by the end of the week.
Also, I bought a book- Introduction to Linux a Beginner's Guide by Kamil Shappa. And so far its been a really good read. Am down 2 chapters already. Am sort of excited by this whole Linux thing, cant wait to install LAMP server already so I can show off to my windows using group mates.

Unfortunately, the progress report posts shall definitely be the most boring. But it cant be helped, they are the reason am blogging in the first place. For all ye chick geeks out there, here's an article to inspire.

Friday, February 26, 2010


Hi dolls,
Am super excited!!!! Just got called by a telco in town for an interview!!! Cool beans,huh?! It's for a really cool post,So to imagine that i was just experimenting is incredibly funny. I applied for it to see how far the little experince i have, could get me. I waited for about a week and when noone had called me,i gave up on it entirely. And today while am at work(amazingly enough, i work at a telco already) I get called to go for an interview. Am going to do abit of reading up and then go. Interview's tommorrow at 10.00am(wonder what i'll wear!!).
My job at the moment is nice enough though and I have no thoughts about leaving it unless am given an earth shattering offer(lets not get too ahead of ourselves here!!) but it will be nice to see what else is out there.
So dolls, keep your fingers(and your tiny weeny toes!!)crossed for me!!!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Washing your man's underwear!!!!

Hi dolls,
Me and my girls are having an argument about how far you can go with submissiveness. The bar has beeen placed at washing your man's underwear(man being someone you are having a seriously committed relationship with..not a fuck buddy!) So far, the traditionalists are saying that you have to do whatever it takes to keep your man including doing odd things such as kneeling,washing underwear,saying thank you for sex...e.t.c
The modern independent girls are saying no way hose...never in their right minds would they bend so low for any man and if he even dared to ask for such things...then he can go cheat for all they care ( God riddance to bad rubbish anyway!!).
Me, I dont know..I think their is a level of bending low i can go to..but not to keep you..just to show my dedication and love for you. But washing underwear...Hell NO!!!!!

What say you dolls??

Thursday, February 18, 2010

First LUG Meeting

Hi Dolls,

So tomorrow, am atteding my very first Linux User's Group. One of my mentors( Khalid) suggested I learn as much as possible about open source software and he recommended i start with linux. He also suggested i join this group so i can meet people who are already experts in the field.

Am a little bit scared though. I dont want to come off as a ditsy blonde in the meeting.(silently thanking God for all that Linux knowledge already gained from sheer interest) I am what you call a beginner at Linux. I can install it, use most of the applications in the GUI and very few commands(I mean like 3) in the command shell.

Hope the geeks don't eat me alive. Wish me luck Dolls.


Hi dolls,

Never thought I'd ever do this...but here i am...publishing my thoughts to the world(Gasp!!!!)
Oh well. Long story short, I am at the very beginning of my career(Am hoping to stick with this...having started at secretary...then developer..database administrator!!! Damn a versatile woman!) i've finally decided that i want to be a network and security manager.

And i need some sort of motivation..and writing here is going to be some ort of reporting on what i do to head in this very...i dont know what to call it yet..path!!

So dolls, you're gonna be my guides, my audience...and let's see where this path shall lead.

Love you dolls (hope someone other than my direct friends and family reads this some day)