Sunday, February 28, 2010

Progress Report..Numero Uno

Hi dolls,
Since this is essentially a blog about my progress in my IT career,I will give a report occassionally about my progress IT wise. This way i can be forced to actually do stuff to improve.
Attending the LUG meeting actually motivated me to start using Linux and since then I have downloaded an Image of Karmic Koala(Latest stable version of Ubuntu)to burn and install on my baby(aka my laptop) But am still debating on wether to install virtual machine instead and run Linux on one of the virtual machines. This way i kill birds with one stone;I learn Linux and get familiar with Virtualization.
Oh well, that will be decided upon soon as i have to have Linux on my baby by the end of the week.
Also, I bought a book- Introduction to Linux a Beginner's Guide by Kamil Shappa. And so far its been a really good read. Am down 2 chapters already. Am sort of excited by this whole Linux thing, cant wait to install LAMP server already so I can show off to my windows using group mates.

Unfortunately, the progress report posts shall definitely be the most boring. But it cant be helped, they are the reason am blogging in the first place. For all ye chick geeks out there, here's an article to inspire.

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