Monday, March 1, 2010

I need to get me some wheels.

Hi dolls,
I've always wondered what the big deal is about having a car. In most cases, the first purchase after most people get a job is a car. Funnier still is that fact that most girls (the ones i know anyway) would never dare to date a guy who doesn't have a car! This has always left me puzzled till ofcourse the beginning of this year, when I joined the reat of the crazy Ugandan car wanting population .But dont judge me yet, i dont want the said car as a symbol of social status(though my inner diva is blushing at this gross misrepresentation!) or whatever else you might be thinking. I am a pretty down to earth babe, I can jump on a boda boda in broad daylight, hop into a taxi, anything transportwise i can do( I draw the line at bicycles!).
But lately, this whole helmet wearing business has just turned my once lovely boda boda experience in a nightmare. And for some reason, I find it hard to sit in a taxi for more than 10 minutes!(even just the thought makes me nauseous!)so the solution to my problems is evidently a car.And am not picky. Am not looking for a fancy car (right!) but any car as long as it works. Even the tiniest starlet would make me happy.
Unfortunately for me, I don't have the money to buy even the most basic of cars and even i could save my meagre earnings(which i can't) It would take me atleast 2 years(hoping inflation is not affecting car prices,which it is). So what does a 21year old girl in my situation do? Go off to find the next available rich man's bed to hop into?(I will not deny that this thought has crossed my mind)
Truly,I dont know what am going to do to get this car. But i believe that what the mind can conceive,the body can achieve. So now am off to see how am going to come up with the 7 million required to buy that little car in picture.

Wish me luck dolls(seriously!)

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