Sunday, March 28, 2010

Love Hate affair......

Hi dolls,

So I've been working on this project where am supposed to demonstrate the capabilities of a FOSS network management software. I felt this was a good way to put my newly learnt *Nix skills to use. But so far all its done is given me a headache and shaken my faith in the user friendliness of all *Nix systems. Here goes the sorry far!

Firstly..after alot of research into what software I should use, I decided to use VMware because it seemed like the most user friendly out there. After downloading and installing VM workstation (which was a breeze after an hour of reading up on ALOT of ubuntu forums)I noticed that I did not have a serial to use it. So,I asked around and the only one everyone had was of a lower version so I had to uninstall it so that i can downgrade. Uninstalling was so shitty,it took a whole day because I did not know how to(apparently, when i was reading up on how to install the damn thing , i did not figure that i would need to unis tall it so soon so did not bother reading about that! Tip for next time) and neither did most of my colleagues and all this was in between trying to pretend that am actually doing official things as all this was during office time.

After the uninstall(done by the 5th person who tried), I tried to download the lower version...then I noticed that the website actually has a key for one month trial use which is fine with me because I had not intended to keep it after am done with this project.. so I install VM workstation again!!! Then after going through the hassle of installing...I find out my processor cant support that version and I need to downgrade!!!AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!(Another Tip-always check hardware compatibility before installing any kind of software.)

After that, I decide to leave VMware and all its issues alone.I decide to try virtual box since apparently its open source(hence no serial key fiasco!) and is apparently well suited for linux machines.So I download virtual box and try to install that...but apparently the package I had downloaded had some bundles missing! And the installation could not be completed.

At that point the day had come to an end and I was frustrated as hell. So I have put the whole thing on hold for some days untill I find a way to install virtual box on my ubuntu box. As for now,am back to friendly and familiar territory-Windows XP! My love affair with linux is officially on a break!!

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