Saturday, April 3, 2010

Corporate Kampala,WTF?!

Hi dolls,
Am left with only 2 months to complete my undergraduate degree and I've been pondering on what to do with myself after am done. Of course, the first thought that has come to my mind is to get a job in a bank or a telco and live the glossy life of a young corporate in kampala. This thought was banished out of my mind soon as I started temping at one of the the telco's I really wanted to join.

The reality is that most of these corporates get dressed in fancy clothes that they buy for work and drive through traffic in a car that they are still paying for-in order to get to the job they need to pay for the fancy clothes and the car, and the house that they leave vacant all day so that they can afford to live in it. This is the proverbial golden cage, all shinny and glossy from the outside but it's still a mother f***ing cage on the inside.

This is not the life I want. So on to thought number two- hustling!


  1. You do not have to be like them. Its a generalization that we are increasingly getting used to. You can be part of the corporate world and decide not to be like them.

  2. watch and learn how you get sucked into that world. it might have alot more easuly than youre assuming