Sunday, April 11, 2010

Blah blah blah.....Weddings?!

Hi dolls,

Nothing much going on right now to write home about so I wont be posting for quite awhile. Plus,my final exams are coming up(wish me luck!) so that's going to be taking up most of the little time I have between work and school.

The only interesting thing going on is that I have 2 friends who are getting introduced in may..immediately after we are done with school. Am happy for them..they have found the people they want to spend the rest of their lives with so young and they have so much ahead of them. I can't say am not a little jealous. Of recent, everyone I meet(that is, the girls i went to school with) ask me when am getting married. This is a seriously unnerving question (and I swear am gonna hit the next girl/relative who asks me this) because firstly, I don't have even a clue about when am going to be married, secondly I really feel am too young to be considering such things(am 21 for crying out loud!). And lastly, I don't even know if the person am with wants to marry me(It has been hinted at, of course, but he has never come out right to say it). And frankly, am happy with the way things are.

All that this marriage talk has done for me is to make me want the ceremony. A pretty,intimate colourful ceremony!I have never been that girl who dreamt of her wedding since she was little and had it planned down to the colour of the napkins. The most thought I had given it before now was that i wanted a pretty simple ceremony with at most 50 people. But now, am wedding crazy- I have a wedding/introduction folder on my desktop with all sorts of things that i have gotten off the Internet;dresses, settings,cakes the works.

They say the first step to solving a problem is admitting it. I have a problem and am taking drastic measures to solve it before I drag some poor man down the aisle just so I can have my ideal wedding. Henceforth, am avoiding all the brides and all the friends. Next step, stop watching all the wedding programs that for some reason have flooded our T.V stations these days. I think that will do for now. I can't bring myself to delete the folder though. Am so loving the dresses and settings images I got.

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