Monday, April 19, 2010

Why I Want My Daughter to be a Hacker

Let’s define what I mean by the term “hacker” first. There is so much FUD out there around this term. Large controlling institutions want you to fear hackers, want you to think the hacker mindset is dangerous. This could not be farther from the truth. Hackers are simply empowered individuals that want to figure things out for themselves. With hacker properly defined, let’s get to the meat, why I want my daughter to be a hacker:
1. Hackers are not consumer lemmings – As large institutions continue to brainwash American citizens into becoming slaves to the systems they’ve created; hackers know that there is a life outside these systems of user dependence, a better life. Institutional dependence is literally killing us. Our dependence on the institutional food system has left us disease ridden and physically incapable. Dependence on western medical systems is bankrupting us. Our two major political parties both preach institutional dependence; one insists dependence on big government institutions, the other dependence on big corporate institutions. Hackers preach self and small community dependence. i.e. independence.
2. Hackers avoid what I call “The Knowledge Trap ” – Our education system is mostly about teaching people what to think, not how to think. This is true from kindergarten through undergrad. Hackers are more focused on skills than knowledge, and people with skills survive. Most importantly it’s attitude that make hackers effective. Knowledge is least important because they have the skills to get the knowledge they need when necessary. And their independent attitude makes them resistant to appeals to authority.
3. Hackers can hack anything – They are not just limited to computers and electronics. They can plant vegetables and by doing so hack the food distribution system. They can install solar panels on their homes and hack the energy grid. They easily shake the fear that advertisers and politicians instill in mainstream society’s psyche. Big institutional systems don’t faze hackers, they can see beyond them.
4. Hackers favor open systems – Hackers use and favor open non-controlling tools and systems. They support software freedom, and this ensures that non-restricted tools will be available to hackers for generations to come.
I’m sure there are many more reasons to encourage the next generation to embrace hacking. Feel free to add your reasons as comments. Happy Hacking!
by qchapter

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