Thursday, October 29, 2015

On Time

Time. Our most important resource.
The best thing that has happened for me this year is to realize the value of my time and therefore how to apportion it better. I've scaled back dramatically on social gatherings preferring one on one time with those that I care about. I don't carry work home and if I do, I only attend to it when everyone else is asleep. When I get into the house, I put my phone away. I have conversations with my people and I read to my child.  
I respect the time of others. I show up to meetings on time. I look at my phone less in presence of others. I want my time spent with them to be fully engaging and meaningful. I don't watch TV. I only watch the series that I follow and movies that I think will be exceptionally good. 
No idle chats. I hate these the most. A cousin is mad at me cause I straight up asked him what he wants when he hit me up on whats app. Either I'm genuinely concerned or delivering a message, otherwise we shall not speak. I answer my phone less. I read a lot. Way more. 
I spend time alone. I spend time with God. I have experienced an amazing amount of peace since I took the decision to deliberately watch my time.
Someone told me early this year, "Let people waste your money but never ever let them waste your time. Cause it's the one thing you can never get back."
How are you spending your time?

Monday, October 5, 2015

One Year of Miss Boss

So I made 1 year of official hustling 5 days ago. I thought I'd have some profound message to share, a long ass blog post regaling you with tales of this incredible year but no, nothing. Just a simple sentence, say yes to yourself. And this beautiful quote from one of my favorite movies;