Saturday, December 3, 2011

Lessons from the world's greatest Boss!

Hey dolls,

Missed you. Between being a mom, girlfriend, sister, friend, mentor and boss lady there was simply no time for the blog. But don't worry, will pop in once in a while. I aint dead.

I believe I have the world’s greatest boss. He has helped me grow from a simple naive intern from the university to a fully fledged confident IT engineer leading a team of 6. I have worked with him for close to 3 years now and the amount and quality of knowledge I have gained is too much and too good to not be shared. Here are the most valuable lessons I have picked from him.

1. Attitude: In most cases, attitude beats both experience and skill. When you have an employee who has a hunger to learn, a thirst to grow and extremely good at following instructions, this is someone invaluable. They will most likely go further than a highly skilled experienced worker.

2. Punctuality: You can never go wrong with this. Always be early to work, early to meetings. (Please note that I said early not on time) For my entire internship (up to date) I always arrived an hour before the official starting time. He has never been more impressed.

3. Dress to impress: Always stand out. Shabby clothes never helped anyone. This man has 500 dollar shades!

4. Know where and when: Always praise in public, rebuke in private.

5. Patience: Give people as many chances as you can, the more rope to hang themselves.

6. Mentor: Make sure each and every employee you are in charge of grows.

7. Have a sense of humour: It’s never that serious. Always have a good laugh. It makes you approachable.

8. Respect: Give it regardless of public stature. He treats the cleaning lady the same way he does the CEO. Respect is very different from being feared. Respect is commanded not demanded. Respect yourself and others will.

9. Motivate: We work for a really good company. The motivational benefits are already many but he always has the mind to treat the entire team to breakfast or lunch or even the odd pizza. Be generous, it doesn’t hurt.

10. Fair: Always be fair. Give everyone an opportunity to explain themselves. Listen to both sides of the story.

Aspire to inspire before you expire.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Songs about the boy(now babydaddy)

Ola dolls, Having a baby has taught me alot of things but mostly it has taught me alot about relations. I want to share the most important one with you. That of friendship. I have realised that there is no way to successfully parent without being friends. It is almost like owning a business together. You cannot dive into it with all the heated emotions lovers tend to have. It has to be approached with alot of calm and sensibility. So whoever said for a relationship to work,you need to be friends was right.On a related note, Looking forward to my date night with the boy. Wonder what I shall wear,got to keep things fresh and interesting.. Xoxo

Sunday, September 4, 2011

I spy with my good ear..Maurice Kirya!

Ola dolls,

Had a lovely weekend, no?! Well, I did. The highlight was attending Kirya Live. Maurice Kirya's premier concert(Not an album launch like you people are used to..side eye at all the Ugandans reading this). It was amazing. He truly came into his own. Though I would have preferred he chronicles his musical journey by starting with his old favourites but even the way he did it was okay to. Best way to describe it is; it was like eating a cake and being surprised at the mouth watering layers you'd discover with every bite..a little chocolate here..caramel goodness there(am writing this at breakfast so bear with me).

The part I enjoyed the most was when he did a rendition of one of my favourite Afrigo songs..I don't recall the name but that my friends was an eargasm. I almost cried. That man really can sing. And of course wooye was brilliant too. Ijust wished I had brought my baby who for some reason really likes this song.I'll be sure to ask her when she can talk.

All in all, it was a lovely show of art. I loved that he did not go down the usual road that other artistes go with curtain raisers. I loved the constant interaction with the crowd. He really connected with his fans. I loved the set. Silk events did a brilliant job. But most of all I loved the music. No theatrics just plain old music. Maurice is definitely an artist to reckon with. A few more like him and this country will take the music world by storm. I felt proud to be Ugandan that night.

And to all those that chose to go to the Chameleon concert, damn! You need to have your ears checked, don't you get tired of hearing different songs play over the same beat. He stopped producing anything worth hearing along time ago.

Happy Monday dolls.


Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Progress report numero..trois

  • Ola dolls,

    This is a blog supposed to be chronicling my climb to being the fiercest real life IT barbie ever with random bits on the side but lately I have just been writing a lot of random stuff and nothing IT related or even career related. So I felt I owed you dolls an update on what I have been up to career- wise.

    I still have not got the red hat certificate I promised I would have by this time. What I do have is a new job. I am now a Network management Engineer with the outsourcing giant WIPRO and I have people reporting to me now. Baby steps to my destination as the Africa manager for Google (If there's any recruiter from google..please please please..I die to work for your company). I did not have a chance to much in my role because I went for my maternity leave shortly after I got it but not before I helped set up a centralized service desk for 2 countries (Yes, am cool like that!)

    I go back to work in 3 weeks and I have big plans to make it work. I am going to put my heart and soul into it as I cannot do anything school related at the moment cause have another job as a baby mama and I have do that better than well.Like Beyonce says strong enough to bear the children and get back to business. All the while wearing heels. I AM A GIRL WHO RUNS THE WORLD.

    Enjoy the rest of the week dolls.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

A cup full of attitude from a midwife.

Ola dolls, Had to do a hospital run for baby this morning and it brought back all the horrors I have had to endure in the name of health care. The customer service in this country sucks but when it comes to the healthcare industry, it goes a step further into darker murkier waters. Right from when I took my pregnancy test, I have been through a huge amount of prejudice and judgement simply for being unwed. It is no wonder to me anymore that so many girls opt out and abort. Our society looks down on having children out of wedlock but I feel that our healthcare proffessionals who are meant to preserve life should not carry this attitude. More on this later and that midwife...she almost threw me out of the labour ward for refusing a vaginal exam and insisting on having C-section. Crazy, right?!

Introducing baby...

Ola dolls, Been a long time. I kept saying I would blog again but kept pushing it forward but now am back and for good this time. I promise to honour and be faithful to this blog as I journey forth into life. As the title says this post is about baby(still wrapping my head around it). She makes 2 months this tuesday. I am truly,madly,deeply in love. That is all I can say. xoxo

Friday, April 22, 2011

Tiger mom..Yes,please!

Hiya dolls,

There's been alot of debate online about parenting because of Amy Chua's book The battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother. Most people are shocked and bewildered by the strict and tough upbringing she has apparently put her through. I laughed out loud when I read what most Americans and Europeans are calling tough. Perhaps, I should convince my mother to write a book. Now that will be a real Battle Hymn. It has whips, lashes and a whole assortment of treatment which if repeated would simply land her in jail in a country like the states.

But am not complaining, in fact kudos to her. I have turned out alright (Government scholarship for University-check. Completion of said university-check. Job even before graduating-check) Not to say that this is the basis of whether one is on the right path but at least I have alot am proud of. And no, am not contemplating suicide because of the harsh memories I have. I have a pretty balanced social life. Good relationships all round. So I believe i have turned OK. And i have no one but my mother to thank. For every lash, every harsh word, every thing that even I sometimes thought was borderline torture.

And so have the tiger cubs (Tiger mother's children). Check out the youngest's blog here. Well rounded child I must say.

And yes, like my mum..I am not going to spare the rod.


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Baby belly!!

Hi dolls,

Am the worst blogger ever but what to do. There's so much going on , I don't even know where to begin. Outsourcing i.e transitioning to another company-same pay grade..more work! Baby preparations...Lord have mercy on me on that one. Baby daddy usual, it never ends.

Gotta go already. My slacking off time has been cut into half by new boss and I like to use that time to nap. LOL. Oh, FYI..that's my belly at 26 weeks. Am now 30 weeks. Will take another shot soon. And's not twins, just one huge baby.


Monday, March 14, 2011

Of stretch marks and crazy brides...

Hiya Dolls,

Being preggo has brought on a few perks but it has also come with an avalanche of problems. My biggest is the stretch marks(am vain so sue me!). Anyhow, I knew the damage was bad but it didn't really sink in till the boy(I think we should start calling him the dad/baby daddy? Yes? No?) decided to make me stand in front of a lamp and scrutinize me for minutes on end. He was amazed at how much my body has transformed in such a short period of time but he was really shocked by the stretch marks. Understatement of the year-he was more in horror than shock!but am still in denial so i can't admit it. Weeps silently! Am all for loving your body,faults and all but lately when I look in the mirror I see an alien and this frightens me. I am worried about how I will look when it's all done, will I still love me. Too much to think about(sigh!!). But apparently when I see my little bundle of joy, it wont matter. But I want her(I don't know the sex but am rooting for a girl so we'll call it a she) to have a pretty confident mummy. So I went online to hunt for a cheap practical solution to my dilemma. Well, all I can tell you is that short of laser skin resurfacing(which is both quite expensive and unavailable in Uganda) there's not much I can do. I know most of you are screaming bio-oil..but trust me dolls. It doesn't work. But I wonder, will I at some point outgrow them. HELP!!

In other news, there's this show starting on the style network about brides competing for their dream plastic surgery procedures. Crazy,ain't it! Check it out here. Which begs the question, Would you? I wanna know what you dolls think. Me, I'd never. Am a big fat chicken! Too scared of going under the knife just for looks.

Feels good to be back.

Sunday, March 6, 2011


Hey Dolls,

Was reading my girl's blog ( and realised just how much I missed y'all. Well, I don't have a lot to say at moment, am just going to drop a big one on y'all. I am with CHILD. Gasp! Yawn! It's no longer so shocking! But yeah, that's what's been going on. And since I don't want to be one of those mums with baby mentionitis, I decided to just take a pause on blogging. Hope y'all are good. Be safe. Drink your school and stay in milk!