Sunday, September 4, 2011

I spy with my good ear..Maurice Kirya!

Ola dolls,

Had a lovely weekend, no?! Well, I did. The highlight was attending Kirya Live. Maurice Kirya's premier concert(Not an album launch like you people are used to..side eye at all the Ugandans reading this). It was amazing. He truly came into his own. Though I would have preferred he chronicles his musical journey by starting with his old favourites but even the way he did it was okay to. Best way to describe it is; it was like eating a cake and being surprised at the mouth watering layers you'd discover with every bite..a little chocolate here..caramel goodness there(am writing this at breakfast so bear with me).

The part I enjoyed the most was when he did a rendition of one of my favourite Afrigo songs..I don't recall the name but that my friends was an eargasm. I almost cried. That man really can sing. And of course wooye was brilliant too. Ijust wished I had brought my baby who for some reason really likes this song.I'll be sure to ask her when she can talk.

All in all, it was a lovely show of art. I loved that he did not go down the usual road that other artistes go with curtain raisers. I loved the constant interaction with the crowd. He really connected with his fans. I loved the set. Silk events did a brilliant job. But most of all I loved the music. No theatrics just plain old music. Maurice is definitely an artist to reckon with. A few more like him and this country will take the music world by storm. I felt proud to be Ugandan that night.

And to all those that chose to go to the Chameleon concert, damn! You need to have your ears checked, don't you get tired of hearing different songs play over the same beat. He stopped producing anything worth hearing along time ago.

Happy Monday dolls.


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