Saturday, March 5, 2016



I've been awake since 2am working. I think of my happy place, Miha. Her pet chicken, Goosy, is awake. Cackling outside my window. I wonder why, maybe she misses her like I do. She's spent the night at her grandparents' house. Why am I up working, Sunday night/morning? Because for the past one week; I come home, we go into our yard, she rides her bike or her scooter and I run after her. We do this till we're both dripping with sweat. Then,we shower, we eat and we watch Kungfu Panda. Every.Single.Night. I carry my laptop home every day to finish up work (2 teams and a side gig consulting,the daylight hours are never enough for me) This week though I have been unable to do any work in the night because after that routine with Miha, I am spent. The application portal of a program I really wanted to get into closed this week. That tab has been open on my browser for a week(My laptop never goes off). I was sad about it for only a second though because you know what, this week I have truly lived. It really is the simple things. My little human shows me how to live.

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