Thursday, February 18, 2010


Hi dolls,

Never thought I'd ever do this...but here i am...publishing my thoughts to the world(Gasp!!!!)
Oh well. Long story short, I am at the very beginning of my career(Am hoping to stick with this...having started at secretary...then developer..database administrator!!! Damn a versatile woman!) i've finally decided that i want to be a network and security manager.

And i need some sort of motivation..and writing here is going to be some ort of reporting on what i do to head in this very...i dont know what to call it yet..path!!

So dolls, you're gonna be my guides, my audience...and let's see where this path shall lead.

Love you dolls (hope someone other than my direct friends and family reads this some day)


  1. Ah, a network and security engineer ?!! Welcome to my world.

    I bounced around too - Yellow Fever or was it Mosquito researcher (lasted all of 2 months !!!), psycho-therapist, systems engineer, network/security engineer.

    Who you employed with and what vendor kit do you predominantly work with ?

  2. Hi wendall,
    Am employed at one of the telco's in town(not saying which as a matter of privacy). And vendor starting with Ubuntu 9.10 and i see how that goes.. all advice/guidance is welcome. If i was like one of those huge celebrity people, i'd give you a prize for being my first follower..but oh well..maybe in the near future i might.
    bye doll.

  3. Hahaha. I'll take the thought as consolation prize !!