Wednesday, July 14, 2010

And the fat lady sang....

Hey dolls,

It's been awhile since I last blogged and trust me contrary to popular belief it's not about a lack of things to blog about,it's just that too much has been happening and I got caught up in it all. So here are the updates;

Firstly, am still a temp (sucks, right?! I know) but a happy temp nonetheless. Well, there's a lot of bottlenecks to my becoming permanent and it's taking awhile to remove them. Am happy cause all my friends are helplessly pounding the streets of kampala in search for jobs where they'll pay them a fraction of what I earn as a temp!! Forgive me,I have to gloat.

Secondly, I finally got round to actually signing up for linux training. I gave up trying to learn it on my own. I wont lie, it's boring. so now everyday from 6pm to 9pm am in a little class east of this town trying to get my open source on! I fully intend to finish and actually do the LPI exams (God forbid this goes down the ORACLE way, the certification I trained for but didn't actually do the exams for!)

Thirdly, no thirdly..same ol same ol. No wait ..there is a third. I finally got round to actually getting a business partner and we are starting our very own computer company. We want to focus on network solutions but since we're just starting out, we're beginning with servicing contracts. Momma is indeed a hustler!

Oh and lastlty...unfortunately..i grew older..been on this earth for 22 years. Have nothing to show for it though! Oh and I survived the effin blast. Scared about where this country is headed. just have to wait and see. The bit about the fat lady...I've gained an enormous amount of weight..I feel fat!! Not happy about that one. :(



  1. For what its worth (maybe a whole lot later, maybe in the near term), I'd say take those Oracle Certification exams. There's probably a handful of Oracle Certified Engineers in Uganda. You'll be standing out of the crowd before everyone jumps on the bandwagon. Trust me, I did that with the MCSE years ago, before moving on from there !!!

    Oh, and congratulations on starting your own company. Go kick some a&$

  2. Oh..wendall..hey ..long time no write..Glad to see someone's still reading. I intend on doing that oracle certification but at the moment I really need to get to the top of my linux game! And I also fully intend to kick some a** but not yet..coz starting up is really hard..getting clients and things like that.
    Muchos gracias for your continued support.

  3. Hey doll,

    Just read this post and I wanna tell you something! Linux aint boring! Its my life and I can tell you I have a blast. I rock my black screen and do geeky stuff that make me feel good! lol! Don't mind me, I love challenging stuff, but seriously, Linux is the best! I can say this a zillion times.

    It is the bomb. Been doing this for about 4 yrs now, and most of it I taught myself, nothing I got from class, but it all boils down to passion, like how much do you want it! Am a UNIX Admin, so it should explain alot.

    But lots of luck. ;-)