Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Songs about the boy...

Ola dolls,

Am in a really good place with the boy. And this should be celebrated...we never nor will we ever have a happily ever after. It's mainly me to blame because am a drama queen. I feed on drama. If it isn't there, I will create it. There's also the fact that I and the boy are so similar so we end up clashing on most things. But enough of that..we're happy now and am in a happy joy joy mood!

Song for the moment- only girl by Rihanna.

PS:Intelligent thought provoking posts coming to a computer near you. Atleast, once I stop smoking this weed called love that is making me sooo high!



  1. only girl is by justin bieber...hehe

  2. Waaah...its by Rihanna...seriously!! I cant be liking a beiber song!!! But I it wud be appropriate since he has the style of a Bi woman!