Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Progress Report Numero...: 2 Months 19 Days

Ola Dolls,

You have not been abandoned. I am simply busy. Building a startup is hard. But so is building anything worthwhile. The highs are incredible, the lows even worse. It's like raising a child (and believe me, I know all about this)

So a quick update before I run off to a meet with a UX designer;

- The team has grown from just me to 2. I was overwhelmed and the business was starting to suffer. I have been lucky to find someone who believes in this even more than me maybe. Very very valuable addition to this TBS journey.

-We're overhauling the site design to something super cool and super professional. We're are overwhelmed by the reception from early adopters and we have stopped thinking local. We recently fulfilled an order from Rwanda so word is spreading faster than we had anticipated. We are playing catch up.

-I am now part of 2 prestigious mentor-ship programs; Mara & Cherie Blair. Building that social capital.

-I have marketing help from 2 reknown marketeers. I hope am doing them proud every day. Building a brand is hard work but it has to be done. We want TBS to resonate within this region and it will. Bold, Aggressive and Bullish is our strategy. Watch this space.

-The e-commerce scene is red hot in kampala right now. OLX, Jumia, Kaymu, Cheki and Hellofoods. Can't call it cause it's early days but change is upon us.

-In the midst of this hullabaloo, managed to attend a Unix workshop (My IT skills are my backup plan, can't let them rot) and I am working on another venture.

-I do not sleep. I am cranky. My social life is suffering. I have a wonderful support system. The most has been from a totally unexpected person. Lesson....never ever burn bridges. Ever!!

-I relate this journey to when I just had my baby. The first months were the most difficult, being in and out of hospital. Adjusting to nurturing this other being that is solely dependent on me. TBS is my new baby.


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