Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The Price of Success?

"Imagine a four burner stove. One burner represents your family, one is your friends, the third is your health and the fourth is your work. In order to be successful you have to cut off one of your burners. And in order to be really successful, you have to cut off two. How far are you willing to go for success?" -extract from Greg Mckeown's book: Essentialism, The Disciplined Pursuit of Less.

I've been meaning to write about this for awhile but the words have yet to come to me. Today they have via that quote. When Peace and I started Zimba, we never envisioned the massive amount of work it would require. We just decided to start to build a company from scratch to hopefully a great body of work. Just as we did not envision the work, we did not envision the toll that work would take on us. Last week, as I lay in bed, incapable of moving because of a fever that had racked my entire body, she texted me that she was in hospital, admitted for skyrocketing blood pressure. She's had a baby and her pressure didn't even go up as high as it went. Another dear friend of mine, building an amazing company as well has had her health ravaged for the past year, being in and out of hospital constantly. We are not halfway of the year yet and my doctor who rarely saw me a few years back is now suddenly back on my speed dial. Our health is going..gone? 

I'm afraid of what will go next. A couple of friends have already began complaining about how rarely they see me. I am trying but short of cutting myself into bits, I can't really see them. Is this the price we must pay?!

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