Thursday, August 28, 2014

On Bungee Jumping..

Ola Dolls,

This morning, we're in a pensive mood so deep meaningful thoughts coming your way. I have always wanted to bungee jump. It's on my bucket list. Ok, it was! Till I had a baby and I read about a freak accident where someone's head exploded after they jumped due to the pressure. That there was the end of that desire. There was no way I was making my baby an orphan while thrill seeking like a white person. Now way. Nope. Never. Jesus did not die for me to engage in such foolery. So when it was my girl's 25th birthday and she chose to fling herself off the contraption below;

This was me, when it came to my turn:

No, No,No,Never!
Instead, like Kim Kardashian I was taking selfies;


That was last year. This year, a dear dear friend of mine moved to Zambia. My first thought was, "OMG, Am so going to go bungee jumping at the Victoria falls!" I won't jump into the seemingly tame River Nile but bring on the valley of death. What is wrong with me?!

Where I plan to meet my ancestors
But that is not the gist of this post. (Don't judge me, am a baby writer!) Yesterday, someone said I have a pretty huge appetite for risk. I couldn't believe this. Am sooo risk averse, am those people always counter checking everything, planning things way in advance of their happening. I do not have an appetite for risk but what I do have is an appetite for adventure. Having the baby dulled this some and I've been battling and losing to get this back. Funny enough, I think God was watching this struggle and waiting for the right time to force my hand. And he has. A couple of random events that have happened in the past few months have set off a domino effect and the cards are starting to fall in place. Am setting off for a new adventure. I have never been so scared but then again I have also never been so excited. The world is soon to be my oyster.

And about that Bungee jumping, some people can jump on their own but am not one of them, I'd definitely require pushing. After which I would not scream since I'd be too busy saying a gazillion Hail Mary's, a dozen Surat Al Fatiha's and for Allah to receive my soul. But one thing am certain about is that my eyes would be open. They would be open to take in the wonder that lies beneath.


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