Monday, September 1, 2014

Progress Report Numero Quatre

Ola Dolls,

Cold weather this side of the tropics. It actually snowed (I think, not really sure about the authenticity of the picture on which am basing these assumptions. See below)

Climate Change!

I figure it is time for another progress report seeing as that was the reason for the starting of this blog. Enough with the foolery! Serious things people! I remember when I started out as IT Barbie, I wanted to take over the IT world (still do, but now I want the WHOLE world. Greed!) I was going to be the best Network/System Engineer there ever was. I don't even know why, I just felt this was what I had and needed to do. After a baby, change in Job title and a few financial talks along the way, I started hawking baby clothes to supplement my income and finally opened a shop. I was happy, delirious even but I was torn.This love story about my career was not going according to plan. I think I now understand people who cheat.

I met Jake in high school, we flirted a little but never got serious. We maintained communication and met again in college. Things got serious with Jake. He completed me. He excited me. I could see, feel and touch the future we could have. I saw our babies. Named them. Jake was the one.I would do anything for Jake. I swore my life to Jake. Till death do us part. I married Jake.

Unbeknownst to Jake, I had a little dalliance on the side. I'd met Edward 4 years after I'd met Jake. Edward set me on fire. Ed turned me inside out but Ed was not reliable. Ed was the proverbial bad boy. Ed was flighty and uncouth. Delicious highs, excruciating lows. Ed was not going to give me the world. Ed was with me one day and gone the next, leaving terrible wounds, burning holes into my soul. Every encounter with Ed left me scarred.

So I married Jake. Had his baby. And I got bored. I was bored out of my mind. I begun to loathe going home. I wanted to be anywhere but near Jake. Inspite of this, Jake's love grew as if to entrap me even further. He threw love at my face and beat me with it. He showered me with gifts. He'd raise our child on his own. He'd heal whatever was broken in me. He'd never leave. So I talked myself back into loving Jake. I promised to go to counselling. I was going to fix this. Jake deserved better.

Then I met Ed again.Lord knows I tried to run away but I couldn't. Ed sang a song my heart could hear. Ed knew me. I was his fiddle. And he played me well, oh so well. Before I knew it, I was running around with Ed. Crossing seas and oceans, creepy little hotel rooms in Nairobi and Mumbai, Lavish suites in Instabul. Ed was my life and I had returned to him. Jake raised our baby. 

And as fate would have it, Jake got tired. of giving and receiving nothing in return. Jake complained but I would not budge. Jake threatened to leave but I only laughed at his gimmicks, dared him. Told him he needed me more than I did he. Finally, Jake left. 

I was terrified. Distraught. Running after Jake. I couldn't eat. I couldn't sleep. One night, during what had become a ritual of searching for Jake online, Ed came to me. He would stay. He would be good. He would not leave. Whatever happened, he would give me the world or at least he'd die trying.

So here we are;Ed and I Redefined. Come take a looksee;

For those still lost, Jake is my IT career and Ed is my Business Career. Jake and Ed are twilight references. Team Jake Vs Team Edward. Get it?! No! Am judging myself already, like that 50 shades of grey chic.
This is how y'all are.

So that's the report, am doing business full time. It's been upgraded from side chic to main chic status. So more writing, more baby time, more me time.



  1. Sometimes I read here and and i feel like I don't know you at all!! Like I have never known you yet I've been reading here for years.
    I hate that you gave up on IT. but oh well, I guess it was for the best.

  2. Spartakuss,
    Giving up is not the word. More of trial separation pending official divorce. I love shocking you. LOL. Thanks for reading, Cheers