Saturday, September 6, 2014

On the first week of business...

Ola dolls,

Hope y'all are OK. It's still so cold, so so cold (Mother Nature, what have we done? How can we appease you?)
Anyhow, this week I launched my online store. This was a huge leap of faith given there's very few Africans let alone Ugandans online. Refer to the internet traffic map below;

Africa; Always winning as the dark continent!
There's been a surprising amount of traffic on the site so far so am hopeful. The reaction of my mother when I told her I hope to make money off a website;

I love you baby but that shit's hella funny.
She composed herself thereafter and called upon Jesus and the ancestors to help me prosper. I love my mother. She's a rare species of person. 

The project has been sanctioned by the tree of life so it's full speed ahead. World, here I come.


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