Tuesday, October 7, 2014

On Uhuru Kenyatta....

Ola Dolls,

So an African (Leave out South Africa, that is Europe!True story. Go to Joburg and the cape,then report back) President went and handed over power. I repeat, an AFRICAN president handed over power! Not under duress! Not after losing an election! Not after being physically incapacitated (Side eye at you despot Robert Mugabe). His reason; he did not want to compromise the sovereignty of his people. The person of the President shall not be answering charges at the ICC but rather it will be Uhuru Kenyatta, the individual.

Chile! I have watched that speech 10 times and I tear up every single time. His people! His dear dear 40 million Kenyans!

Whether this was a political show or not, I was sold. Father Jomo must have wanted to rise up,shake his hand and pat his back from the other side. Coming from a country where the last peaceful handover of power was when the colonial masters were exiting the colony, I am more or less flabbergasted. Power can be handed over? Just like that?! In a non-self serving manner?! Who knew?!  Uhuru is the bomb diggity. Infact, I shall hence forth stop undermining him and refer to him as President Uhuru (Coolest first man this side of the planet!).

Kenyan state of mind
This also brought to mind the ever growing power vacuum that our very own President inadvertently (or maybe not) has created. He cannot possibly hand over power (Though I still dream about it fervently!) so in the case he were incapacitated, his second in command, our dear VP Edward Ssekandi would be left in charge. He has ZERO millitary clout so this would last all of 5 seconds. The most likely person after that would have been the former Prime Minister, Amama Mbabazi but he was fired not too long ago and currently being stripped of whatever clout he had. My bet is that the President watched House of Cards and saw a Frank Underwood happening to him. Had to nip that in the bud as quickly as could possibly be done. So that would leave us with; no one?! The horror of civil unrest! See Mr.President! See what you are doing to us! See Libya! I dare you to run a google image search of Libya for the past month. All prosperity has been undone.

Yep! Every single one of us!

Anyhow, back to the man of the hour, he topped that off by flying commercial to the Hague. Saving thousands of shillings of his dear dear Kenyan's tax money. This man can do no wrong! None!

It is I. The President of this Republic.

Maybe I should move to Nairobi.


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