Monday, October 25, 2010

Lets talk about sex..Part 2 (Advanced Masturbation!)

Ola dolls,

So I have been asking around about sex and I landed on this hot cake of a topic.

What do you guys think about sex without a condom? According to one of my friends (male, I need to specify) thinks you have not had sex until it is without a condom. Apparently, sex with a condom is advanced masturbation! Then I remembered an advert that was on TV awhile ago about a man who had refused to use condoms. His reason was why would one eat a sweet while the wrapper is still on. I was baffled. Do people no longer fear AIDS and other STI's? Unplanned pregnancies? Have we gotten so comfortable with the idea of ARV's and cocktails of other drugs as well as abortions?

And whose responsibility is that the there is a condom during proceedings? Is it the girl, the boy? It's a jungle out here. Am thinking we as women should make it our duty that there's an "umbrella" cause am sure the effects of unprotected sex affect us the worst. But then the story of the girl who was dumped because her fiance thought she was promiscuous for having condoms in her bag comes to mind. What to do? Am going to ask the boy about this.


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  1. too many things bothering you my dear
    but i do think since women are the superior sex in all things brainy ,they should take it upon themselves to ensure protection.