Saturday, October 23, 2010

On homosexuality...

Ola loves,

For all my being informed and being online each day, I only just recently saw Ssempa's (the "Pastor") eat da poo poo YouTube video (am not including a link for you dolls, I will not add to the virality of that video). I was first amused..then horrified. Why,why,why is this man so ignorant so much so that he wants to advertise the fact. I have always stayed away from this topic because this blog is not a social commentary, it's just a log of my life. But this has finally infuriated me enough to write about it because this affects my life.

One of my closest friends is gay. He came out to me about 2 years ago. His reason, apparently am liberal thinking(according to him). I was appalled. I was shocked. I was in denial. But as I took a taxi home that night, I thought who am I to judge him, am not God. I read the Bible and it clearly condemns homosexuality but this is the same Bible in which the same God killed thousands upon thousands of Egyptian first born CHILDREN!(Discussion for another day) So I choose not to judge him. He is a wonderful person and the fact that he's gay does not affect his personality in any way.

But on to the real reason for this post. When he came out to me,he was dating a lovely young unsuspecting girl. I couldn't have this. Of course I understood why he was doing this, he is straight acting. But if he was going to lead a certain lifestyle, he was not allowed to use anyone to cover for him as long as he was my friend. So I managed to convince him to leave her. Am sure this was a kinder fate than finding out her dear beloved was screwing dudes on the side.

Before he came out to me , I thought they were like 10 gay men in kampala(Yes loves,am naive like that sometimes) But since then I have found out that no,they are not 10...they are not 100 either, they are thousands. They are my friends,my acquaintances,my relatives, my workmates. They are all around me. From all walks of life,the very rich to the dirt poor, the expatriate to the school teacher. And no, they are not deviants,they are normal people like me and you.

But what frightened me the most, is that alarmingly a good number of them are boyfriends to women, husbands to women and fiances to women. Yes, am talking to you wife out there. African americans have a term for this, they are men on the down low! Yes people, men(and such a big number of them you would not sleep well if you found out how many) are on the down low. And I don't blame them, I would also do the same in their position. But then when I think about my friends, my sister, my aunts, even my unconceived horrified of the thought that one of them might end up with men like this. And who do I blame for this..the Martin Ssempa's of this world.

So to Mr Ssempa (am hoping he reads this someday) I ask, one day your daughter(am assuming he has one) will bring a man home as her husband, and funny enough this man will be a closeted homosexual(yes, those people who eat da poo poo albeit in hiding). Who will you blame? The people you have stupidly brain washed to hate him so much so he has to hide what he truly is, the cruel government policies that you supported so vibrantly that have forced him into acting like he has a disease he should be ashamed of, the God you serve for playing such a cruel and nasty joke on you, or you for your sheer and plain ignorance and stupidity?

Mr Ssempa, whatever your doing now is going to come back to bite you in the ass. (Pun seriously not intended!)


  1. Duh,

    this is a gay man.

    Ssempa is, well, kind of slow...

    but, hopefully he reads this. But, he will most likely not change in his ways.

    And me?

    i thank you for your realisation that we are ok.... I salute you.

  2. Thanks for commenting GUG...Most of the ones I have had a pleasure(yes,pleasure) to meet are ok.

    I wish Ssempa would divert his energies into addressing the issue of sexual abuse especially defilement. That is the only sex issue that needs vigourous activism! Am tired of reading papers about kids being defiled by their parents. Someone needs to seriously start making noise about that!